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Introduction : About LiveNX : Routing Module
Routing Module
The LiveNX Routing technology module provides real-time routing-layer visualizations for Cisco networks. In addition, the module’s policy-based routing feature provides a high degree of control, allowing users to route traffic easily and predictably over user-specified paths. For more details, refer to Routing.
System-level topology view of active routes
Displays by protocol, directionality, and destination
Mouse-over displays individual route statistics
Next-Hop Routing visualization
OSPF and EIGRP neighbor adjacency
Device route-table views in graphical and tabular form
Shows destinations for interface
Displays all entries or filtered entries only
Route display filtering by protocol
Filters by direct and static routes
Filters EIGRP, OSPF, BGP, and RIP protocols
Filters per user and periodic downloaded static routes
Other filters: IS-IS, mobile, on demand, IGRP, EGP
Route display filtering by destination
Shows default route
Shows routes to destination IP address
Shows routes to destination network
Export function
Exports route and route table information for further analysis
Exports forwarding tables to CSV file (by device)
Refresh real-time updates of routing layer—refreshes all routes or specified routes only
Troubleshooting capabilities
Displays routing loops and asymmetric routes
Alerts to routing instabilities
Detects black holes
Provides error summarization
Policy-based routing (PBR)
Configuration and editing of PBR and Set statements
Editing of existing route map configurations
Validates user entries to ensure PBR compliance
Displays indicate where PBR is applied
Exports route map statistics
Displays static routes and PBR issues
Virtual Routing and Forwarding (VRF) visualization
Displays virtual routing and forwarding tables
Exports VRF tables to CSV file