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Introduction : About LiveNX : Technology Modules
Technology Modules
LiveNX is a modular software framework that enables live viewing and control of multiple device technologies using a single tool and a common user interface. Technology modules are currently available for the following, with new modules added in the future as they become available:
Configuration features
Full Modular QoS CLI (MQC) and Hierarchical Queuing Framework (HQF) configuration support
Powerful editor engine for safely constructing a complex set of configuration changes offline, validating the correctness and utility of those changes, and then applying them to the remote device all at once
Easy-to-use, full QoS editor
Custom inbound and outbound QoS policy editor
Graphical pie charts depicting bandwidth allocation among classes
“Snapshot” capability for capturing current configurations
Manual rollback feature to load previous snapshots into the device at any time
Application and removal of QoS policies for multiple interfaces
Ability to push QoS configurations to multiple devices easily
Hierarchical policy creation for advanced configurations and WAN shaping
Custom NBAR protocol definitions
Unknown port identification and NBAR protocol match creation
CLI command preview
GRE tunnel QoS and visualization
Pre-defined QoS policy templates based on Cisco and industry best practices
Instant QoS policy creation using NBAR capabilities
Monitoring features
Rate-based NBAR graphs
Pre- and post-QoS graphs
QoS packet drop graph
Interface-level packet drop graph
Extreme low-level graphs of CBQoS statistics
Built in CBQoS MIB viewer
Ability to graph hierarchical policies
Multi-day interactive baseline graphs
Reporting capabilities
Export data and screen capture capabilities
Troubleshooting features
QoS Audit capability across the network
Unknown port discovery
View QoS graphs across routers
Topology-based QoS state indicator