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22.4.0 What’s New
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What’s New in Omnipeek 22.4.0
What’s New in Omnipeek 22.4.0
Added support for reconstructing file contents from packets for TFTP protocol
Added support for reading and writing FCS bytes in PCAP/PCAPng files
Improved the decoding of SSL/TLS
Added decoding for 29West
Updated application identification library to the latest release
Improved the decoding for BGP 9
Added support for creating a packet file per day even if the file size doesn’t hit the configured file size
Added support for Dynamic Link Exchange Protocol (DLEP)
Improved decoding of LTPv3 by including sublayers
Improved decoding of SIP message body
Added support for Palo Alto Networks Heartbeat Ethertype
Added decode for H.265/HEVC