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The WLAN view
When a supported wireless adapter is selected as the capture adapter, WLAN statistics are available for a capture window. To view WLAN statistics for a capture window, select WLAN in the navigation pane of a capture window.
The Node Type drop-down list lets you limit the display to selected nodes (All Nodes, Clients, Access Points, ESSID, Ad Hoc, Admin, Unknown, and Channels). When the WLAN hierarchy view is broken out by channels, the root branches of the tree are channels numbers, with individual WLAN hierarchy views underneath it (ESSID, BSSID, nodes, etc).
The Color globes identify each node by color:
Pink: AP (access point) or Ad Hoc equivalent
Orange: STA or client
Gray: Admin or otherwise unknown
Gray with (?): Indications for a particular node are contradictory or unexpected.