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Exporting Data to LiveNX : Adding a LiveWire Virtual device in LiveNX
Adding a LiveWire Virtual device in LiveNX
For each LiveWire Virtual device that you want to use with LiveNX, you must use the Web client in LiveNX to add the device to LiveNX (see the LiveNX documentation). Since you are most likely adding LiveWire Virtual as an SNMP device to LiveNX, you will need the information provided below when adding the LiveWire Virtual device.
When configuring the 'Enter SNMP connection settings for this device' option from the Add Device dialog in LiveNX client, configure the option as follows:
SNMP Version: Version 3
User Name: admin
Authentication Protocol: SHA
Authentication Password: Ys2Q5Xxu7g3gUoHxfUFifqiXSXjd2tkc
Privacy Protocol: AES 128-bit
Privacy Password: x3Fmpv9OpIsnk0Qg3rH25BKBd66fxzSK
NOTE: The information for the SNMP connection settings is also available from Omnipeek.