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Introduction : Installing LiveWire
Installing LiveWire
LiveWire Edge
To install LiveWire Edge:
1. To configure and use the LiveWire Edge, connect the ‘MGMT’ port to the network.
2. There are two ways to capture traffic on the LiveWire Edge:
From the Bridge ports: To use the Bridge ports, connect LiveWire Edge inline on a network segment. In this mode, connect the eth4 port to the side of the network with the upstream router; and connect eth5 to the LAN side of the network.
From the Span ports: To use the span ports, connect LiveWire Edge directly to a span port from a switch or router.
3. Place LiveWire Edge on a flat surface.
CAUTION: Do not place anything on top of or directly next to LiveWire Edge. Any obstructions to the heat sink located on top of LiveWire Edge can cause the unit to overheat.
4. Attach the rubber feet to the bottom of LiveWire Edge.
5. Attach the power adapter by screwing in the connector on the adapter to the power-in socket on the back panel.
6. Plug the other end of the power adapter to an AC outlet.