LiveNX21.3 RBAC UpdatesDownload PDF
The Role Based Access Control (RBAC) framework has been updated in LiveNX 21.3.0 to be based on groups. This document will act as a supplemental addendum to the LiveNX Operations Dashboard Admin Guide.
The following diagram depicts the updated design:
Groups are given authorization to access specific LiveNX capabilities, perform specific tasks, and access specific devices’ data for monitoring and reporting. Users are added as members to a Group. Roles that were formally assigned directly to Users are now assigned to Groups.
After upgrading to 21.3, LiveNX Users will be assigned to a Group. The Group given to a User during the update process will be based on the User’s Role in the previous version of LiveNX.
Groups are managed from Settings > User Management > Group Management:
By default, there are three Groups in LiveNX: Admin, Config, and View. These three default groups cannot be deleted, and their role cannot be modified. Additional Groups can be added and fully modified. When upgrading from past versions of LiveNX, more groups may be automatically created to support any custom RBAC configuration that may have been implemented previously.