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Time Range Restrictions allows for the limiting of the duration of Analysis Reports. This can be used to ensure processor intensive reports do not hold up the report queue.
The Analysis reports are currently:
All Unique Flows
IPs and Ports
Security Analysis
Top Analysis
Flow Report Results Limit allow for adjustment of the returned results of Flow reports. By default, most Flow reports limit the returned results to 1000 rows, but this setting allows for more returned results. Caution should be used when adjusting this setting to not impact the overall system performance.
Logo allows you give a custom logo to shared and PDF reports. The logo page allows for the uploading and management of logos.
Report History provides management to each users personalized report history.
Long Term Processing Reports allows for selection of which reports will have their data sent to the Long Term Flow store.
Reports Management allows deletion and ownership re-assignment to report templates of both active and deleted users.
Reports Access Management defines which reports non-Admin users can run. Do note that some reports which drive workflows cannot be disabled.