LiveNXOperations Dashboard User GuideDownload PDF
LiveNX is an intelligent, action-oriented Network Operations and Management software that provides real-time visualizations, deep monitoring, and troubleshooting of multi-vendor network devices, with an easy-to-use graphical user interface.
LiveNX delivers its network and application monitoring capabilities via two User Interfaces. The Operations Dashboard delivered via Web technologies is the primary interface and is built for Day 2 network operations. It is designed to be used by Operations Engineers, Tier 1, 2 Technical Support Engineers, and advanced users such as Networking Administrators and Network Architects. The Engineering Console is delivered via a thick-client and is built for configurations (e.g., QoS policies) and caters to Network Engineers and Architects who want to perform deeper troubleshooting tasks. This User Guide is built for users of the Operations Dashboard. For the User Guide built for users of the Engineering Console, please refer to our complete documentation at
When accessing the LiveNX Operations Dashboard, the default page presented after successful login is the Overview page. At the top of this page is a status bar. This will be present on all other LiveNX pages.