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What’s New in LiveNX 21.4.0
What’s New in LiveNX 21.4.0
Enhanced RBAC capabilities:
Improvements to Group Management Workflow
View CLI capabilities added to View Role to support Demo User
“Report Access Management” can now be defined per-group instead of system wide
Added Install option for QoS Only capabilities for the Engineering Console client.
Added SNMP support for Fortinet vendor specific CPU/Memory OIDs.
Enhanced Alert monitoring via REST API
Enhanced Service Now Event Integration to allow more customization for networks that use non-default SNOW implementations.
Enhanced Alert emails to contain additional details and link back to access LiveNX.
Enhanced LiveNX’s application-based Alerts to now support Source Site and Destination Site Filters.
Enhanced Custom Applications that use HTTP Host/SSL common name so that they can now also use URI for more granular application definitions.
An SNMP monitored device’s IP address can now be modified.