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What’s New in LiveNX 21.2.0
What’s New in LiveNX 21.2.0
Updated Dynamic Report to now key off Sites.
Added option to cross-launch to LiveNCAs.
ServiceNow Integration - Added option to redirect description field for Event integration.
Added ability to schedule the SNMP > Device report.
Added Interface Packet Rate (SNMP) report.
Updated Cisco SD-WAN Class Path Change alert to support multi-thresholds and the following new filters:
Source Site
Destination Site
SLA Class
Added new multi-threshold, multi-instance Cisco SDWAN Alerts for Jitter, Loss, and Delay of BFD data.
Added support for Custom OID polling for Numeric Octet Strings.
Added ability to limit reports available to non-Admin users.
Added additional Filters to Geo Topology for SDWAN tunnels:
Source Site
Destination Site
SLA Class
Ported Flow Data Source to Operations Dashboard (WebUI).
Updated Custom OID Polling device management.
Updated Custom OID Alerts to support multiple multi-thresholds and multi-instances.
Added ability to add Custom OID Reports to Device page.
Dynamic reports that are used as dashboard widgets can now be auto-aggregated for increased performance.
Added pre-built Custom OID use cases for monitoring:
Ceqfp Throughput
SNMP monitored devices will now automatically track the following metrics:
Power supply status
Fan tray status
Card status