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LiveNA Quick Start Guide : Configuration : Install and Stage LiveNA Appliance
Install and Stage LiveNA Appliance
After installing the LiveNA physical appliance, the LiveNA console must be accessed to define the IP configuration for network connectivity. The LiveNA console is accessed via the Integrated Remote Access Controller (iDRAC) built into LiveNA appliance. iDRAC lets you remotely access the device as if you were in the same room as the platform. Using an Internet browser, you can easily perform tasks such as accessing a remote console, reimaging the platform, rebooting, shutting down, and powering up the device. By default, the IDRAC IP address is
1. Log into iDRAC WebUI, the default credentials are: root/liveaction.
2. Click on “Launch Virtual Console” (*Enable pop-up's if your browser blocks).
3. Select [1] Static IP Address to configure LiveNA’s IP address, Netmask, Hostname, Gateway, DNS server(s), Interface, and NTP Server.
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4. It is recommended to change the LiveNA shell access credentials by selecting “[4] Reset SSH password.”