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Capture Adapters for LiveCapture
Capture Adapters for LiveCapture
About capture adapters
The capture adapters for LiveCapture are high performance network analysis cards that allow you to perform advanced recording, monitoring and troubleshooting of Gigabit, 10 Gigabit, and 40 Gigabit Ethernet networks. The capture adapters for LiveCaptureare available in the following configurations:
1G capture adapter—Four port PCI Express Gigabit adapter (see 1G capture adapter)
10G capture adapter—Two or four port 10 Gigabit adapter (see 10G capture adapter)
40G capture adapter—Two port 40 Gigabit adapter (see 40G capture adapter)
100G capture adapter—Two port 100 Gigabit adapter (see 100G capture adapter)
If your capture adapter supports Precision Time Protocol (PTP), instructions for manually enabling PTP support and connecting the PTP adapter on LiveCapture are included.
For more information on using capture adapters with LiveCapture and Omnipeek, please refer to the documentation and online help that ships with the Omnipeek. Additionally, the LiveAction website has up-to-date software and support at